Kids meal ideas

  • grilled cheese, and apple slices
  • perogies, sweet potato fries, green beans
  • pasta with spaghetti sauces, home made fries, green beans
  • hot dogs and carrots
  • chicken nuggets and broccoli
  • pizza and steamed broccoli
  • perogies, grilled cheese and broccoli
  • roasted chicken, sweet potato fries
  • jerk chicken, rice and beans, vegetables
  • wieners, broccoli, cauliflower, boiled potatoes
  • tacos’ cucumbers, carrots
  • hamburger, carrots
  • kraft dinner, broccoli, carrots
  • pork chops, home fries, steamed beans and carrots
  • french toast (soaked well)
  • roasted potatoes (sea salt, italian spices)
  • chicken breast in teriyaki sauce
  • potato soup
  • chile
  • steamed carrots (coconut oil, turmeric, himalayan salt)
  • spaghetti meat sauce
  • steak wrap with vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cucumbers)
  • pizza quideias

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